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Most Male Sexual Enhancement Supplements Claiming They Are Made in the USA are Actually Made in China and Have Additional (and Illegal) Ingredients That Can Make You VERY SICK, Even Causing DEATH.  Whenever Purchasing ANY Male Enhancement Supplement, Make Sure You Are Purchasing Your Product from a Bona-Fide MADE IN AMERICA Company, Like Ours, to Ensure Your Health and Well-Being!

* Imagine having the best, mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex you've ever had in your life. 

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* Imagine seeing your (once again) rock hard penis!

Discover the Mind-Blowing Sex Formulation Discovered in Eastern Europe That's About to Change Your Sex Life FOREVER!

Bull Thunder is a cutting edge, all-natural herbal formulation initially developed in eastern Europe.  This unique and highly powerful herbal formula is specifically designed to dramatically and virtually increase your libido while giving you ROCK HARD ERECTIONS !!!

The reason our herbal male enhancement supplement is so effective is because both the blend and the amount of each herb is unique to any other product on the market.  Ours is the most effective, hands down.  And it's the only male enhancement herbal "pill" out there that is fully endorsed by a reputable medical doctor.

The "Secret" Behind the Bull Thunder Herbal Formulation

One of the reasons why so many regimens fail is because supplement manufacturers haphazardly whip together a batch of herbs that do nothing more than elevate the heart rate (sometimes in a dangerous way) yet feed insecure men a false hope that their product will work wonders in their sex lives knowing that their supplements do NOTHING to enhance their penis or their libido.  Some of these pills are nothing more than caffeine energy boosters with a label slapped on them that indicates they are for penis enlargement, male enhancement, or increased sex drive. 

Bull Thunder is successful because of several elements, including the use of the highest quality herbal supplement ingredients.  While other supplement manufacturers may seem like they are using some of the same ingredients we use, this is simply a disguise.  Most manufacturers leave their herbs exposed to light.  This diminishes the quality significantly, causing the ingredients to degrade quite a bit. 

Our manufacturing process is different.  Once the herbs are dried in a dark environment, they are "flash-heated" for sterilization then they are packed in air-tight capsules and kept only in the darkest storage areas.  Other manufacturers dry their herbs using blinding light conditions and store their supplements in lighted areas, causing significant loss of herbal quality and effectiveness.

The  "Dual Pronged Protocol"  Regimen: Internal & External Mediums Working Simultaneously

Bull Thunder has two (2) working elements:  the orally-taken supplement formula (working from the inside out) and the King Kong Magic Oil applied topically (working from the outside in). 

How was this incredible secret discovered? 

The founder of our company, Adam Rydek, discovered this "Dual Pronged Protocol" quite by accident in one of his many travels abroad to Europe.  Many European men who want to increase the size of their penis while significantly and virtually instantly overcoming a variety of sexual disorders were found to use high-quality supplements (taken orally) while using a 2,000-year-old oil formulation from the Orient. 

The all-natural herbal supplement is taken orally while the King Kong Magic Oil is applied to your clean, dry penis twice daily.  This oil is required to be used with the oral supplement if you are looking for increased penis size, rock hard erections, and robust sexual encounters. 

The complete Bull Thunder System has the power to give you rock hard erections while increasing your sexual performance so you can rock it in the bedroom all night long!

Prolonged Use Can Increase Your Penis Size By Increasing the Spongy Material Around the Penis

There are a lot of companies out there claiming that they have THE "magic pill" to magically increase the size of your penis.  They further embellish on their false advertising by falsely stating that, once you take the supplement for a short time, your results will be permanent.  This is COMPLETELY FALSE.  No product out there can give you eternal results forever once you stop using it. And no product can instantly increase the size of your penis unless you are talking about going from a flaccid to an erect penis. 

Our product is different.  Over time; doing our "Dual Pronged Protocol" regimen (orally and topically), you'll see an increase in the size of your penile spongy material.  This is the material that is layered around your penis just under the top skin. The oral herbal supplement and the King Kong Magic Oil help the spongy material increase in size much like a pasta noodle.  A noodle is small until you add water.  Once you add water and it RETAINS the water, it increases in size and stays that way. Your penile spongy material can increase in size in the same manner except that you will be able to get rock hard and won't be anything like a pasta noodle at all.  

As long as you stay on the regimen taking the supplements and applying the oil daily, your spongy material will keep expanding until it "peaks out."  The "peaked out" state could be anywhere from 1 to 3 inches (including length and girth combined). Once you stop the regimen, your penis will go back to it's original state, just like a noodle will once it's removed from water and "dried out."

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Just Pay for Shipping and Handling! You can get BOTH the Bull Thunder capsules and the King Kong Magic Oil for your complete oral/topical regimen automatically with our LIMITED TIME bonus offer.  Both of these elements are required for full success with the Bull Thunder System.  You need both for increased penis size, increased libido, rock hard erections, and the sex drive to rock it in the sack all night long.

Check Out These Incredible Testimonials from Real Bull Thunder Users:

"I'm over 6 feet tall but my penis is a small 5 inches.  My wife of 24 years has always hated my penis.  I haven't tried other products like this before.  My wife decided that she wanted something 'more' from sex with me.  Trust me, I never liked my 'shorty' down there as much as she has apparently hated him all these years.  I was skeptical about trying a product that's supposed to increase my 'shorty' but my wife wanted me to try it so I did.  I've been using the pills and oil daily and I'm seeing growth in my penis; my wife Greta is thrilled.  So am I.  And sex has never been better."

George A., Beaumont, TX

"I've tried a handful of other products including the little blue pill.  Some worked and all but I knew they weren't good for my body.  I think the reason Bull Thunder works so well is because it's a natural herbal pill that works with the body's chemistry better.  I really like the magic oil because it really absorbs into the penis, making it plump and harder.  Like I said, I've never tried any other product that works so well except for this one.  I'm a customer for life." 

Trey M., Kensington, MD

"This is an amazing product.  It worked fast and lasted 8 hours.  I've never taken anything like it.  My libido was out of control and I felt like I was in my early 20s.  Thanks for a wonderful product."         

John S., Clarksville, TN

"When you said 'bigger, thicker, harder,' you weren't kidding.  I had a hard-on for over 3 hours and I've never had such awesome sex in my life.  You guys rock!"                                                               

Sergio F., Laguna Woods, CA

"After having prostate surgery I didn't think I could find any product that would help me get it up again.  I thought my sex life was over.  Then I tried the Bull Thunder system.  It took only a couple of hours before I started noticing something happening down there.  I followed your instructions just like you said.  (Thank you guys and your customer service department for explaining the system and why I needed to be patient.  I especially thank Ron.  You are great!)  I've been on the system for 2 1/2 months and my sex life has never been better.  I can't say that my sex life is exactly like when I was 22 but now it's pretty damn close.  As close as it's gonna get anyway."

Richie B., Madison, AL

"I was skeptical because I've tried other 'male sex enhancers' before and none really did the trick.  I've taken the blue pill before from a friend's prescription but was too embarassed to go to my doctor for my own prescription.  Since I've been getting older I've noticed that I've had a harder time getting erections and staying erect.  With Bull Thunder, I haven't had any problems in the bedroom.  If anything, I've had much better sex than I've had in years and I feel like I'm much younger again."                                                                                         

Tim L., Flint, MI

60-Day Bull Thunder Product Guarantee

We offer a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee.  If you don't like the product, send it back for a full refund! Guaranteed! You won't want to return the product.  Most of our customers want to MAKE SURE they are on the monthly autoshipment program.  In fact, a good percentage of the men getting autoshipments want to double up on other products we have including the King Kong Magic Oil to make sure they never run out because the results they get are so phenomenal and out of this world.

Either Bull Thunder Works For You
Or You Shouldn’t Have to Pay For It.
Use Bull Thunder as directed for 30 days. And if you aren’t a believer, simply return the bottle – even if it’s empty – and we’ll give you a complete refund.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Don’t Spend Another Day With a Lackluster and Unfulfilled Sex Life!
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Adam Rydek, CEO

Sister Labs

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This ENSURES Product Safety While Giving Jobs to Americans, Supporting the U.S. Economy!

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